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    Shenzhen Hefeng Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Hot keywords:O-ring Flat washer series Rubber-clad iron system Customized series 

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    Shenzhen Hefeng Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Shenzhen Hefeng Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery of Pingshan District, Shenzhen. The company is mainly engaged in the design, mold opening and production of silicone rubber products to produce sealing rings, O-rings, gaskets and special-shaped miscellaneous pieces. In the oil road, steam road, waterway sealing and buffering, etc., can be designed and manufactured according to the customer's sample, or according to AS568, DIN3771, JIS B2401, GB 245201, ISO3601 and other standards. The company has a dust-free production workshop....
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    Upon receipt found the problem can ...
    At the time of receipt of goods, such goods are found damaged, please refuse to return my company (shipments i...
    In support of credit card installme...
    My company does not currently support credit card installments, does not support the credit, if there are spec...
    Home delivery, cash on delivery sup...
    Home delivery, cash on delivery support credit card payments. Our business hours Monday to Friday 9: 00-18: 00...
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    Your purchase are non-tax price, customers need an invoice to be subject to tax
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    • Tel:13534221826
    • Contact: Mr Feng
    • Tel: 13148736713
    • Contact: Miss Cheng
    • E-mail:Kris_cheng9@hotmail.com
    • Address: A2, No. 297 Jintian Road, Pingshan street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen
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